A r c h i v e

The Artist

I feel like I get to know the ins and outs of my clients through my lens {which I love} so here are some things about me, you may or may not want to know...

I am a full blown lover of life with a perfectly imperfect life.  And as far as the important stuff...

I have a sick obsession with mexican food, my mac, and  kissing my daughter's feet. {Not necessarily in that order}

I think I function better in a super neat and clean space, but seem to do my best work in pure disorder. I love my camera, I get anxiety if I don't have it on me at all times, and my best photos are the ones I thought were going to turn out bad.

I adore my husband, most of the time I wonder how I landed someone so rockin' and also wonder how I get sleep at night with his snoring!

My little girl is a complete gift, I work with a horse rescue and I am a proud furbaby mama to 3 big loveable dogs - whom are at times a little too loveable.