A r c h i v e

S e s s i o n s

I believe it is important for my clients to know what they should expect at their session. For starters, I am here to service you. I will accommodate you the best I can. We can do an on-location shoot at the location of your choice within 30 miles of my zip code 11514, OR we can do the shoot at my studio.

I tend to be very laid back, and thoroughly enjoy making my clients laugh. I believe true emotions show up best on camera, rather than staged posing and forced expression. I have experience photographing special needs children, and understand the patience and perseverance it takes when photographing children with special needs. I will also respect their space. I tend to use my telephoto lens to photograph special needs children, as well as shy children, so as to capture them in their true moments and not upset and or disturb them.

For newborn shoots, I do not have a time limit within the session. I understand how babies are unpredictable and some babies need to be rocked or nursed to sleep and I encourage a calm, warm, and serene environment. Newborns are my most precious clients, and I work on their time. Sometimes it may take up to an hour just to get them asleep, and that's ok.

As far as the final product, I will send you a contact sheet of 50-75 thumbnails of photos taken during your session unedited. You will choose 15-20 for your final prints. I will edit and have them printed for you within 3-4 weeks after you choose your images.

I will put a sneak peak of some of your edited images with my watermark on my blog and facebook for you to view. You may tag yourself as well as friends and family. I do however ask you to not alter, edit, or crop the photo in any way, and to leave my logo. I do encourage you to take the watermarked image and send to your friends and family or use as your default image.

If there are concerns or special circumstances that you would like to address with me prior or during the session, please do not hesitate to do so. I will accommodate you the best I can.

My rules for a session are simple:

Sit back, relax, and you tell me what you want.